Competent Persons Course

Regulation 7 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations; Competent Persons Course.

Regulation 7 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations requires all employers to appoint one or more ‘competent persons’ to assist in taking the measures necessary to achieve compliance with relevant health & safety legislation. The employer is solely responsible for the appointment of the ‘competent person’ and for ensuring that the appointee is capable of carrying out the task.

North East Safety Training Services has developed a Competent Persons Course that will provide employees with the necessary skills to fulfil the role of the ‘competent person’. This popular course is run over four days and upon successful completion and subject to gaining the required pass mark in the short multiple choice examinations, will provide the delegate with the required knowledge to carry out his/her duties and provide the required ‘health & safety’ assistance to his or her employer. A full set of comprehensive notes is provided for each Competent Persons Course delegate.

Day 1 – Foundation Certificate in Health & Safety in the Workplace:

Health & safety at work, health & safety law, accident prevention, risk assessment, first aid at work, PPE, CoSHH, Ergonomics, Manual handling & noise. Followed by a short examination comprising 30 multiple choice questions.

Day 2 – Principles of Manual Handling & Principles of CoSHH:

The process of manual handling in the workplace, injuries and the activities that cause them, assessment & control, responsibilities imposed by the MHO Regulations 1992.

Definition and type of hazardous substances, health effects, assessment and control, responsibilities imposed by the CoSHH Regulations.

Both topics followed by a short examination comprising 20 multiple choice qurestions each.

Day 3 – Risk Assessment ~ Principles & Practice:

Introduction to risk assessment, prionciples of risk assessment, legislation, risk assessment in practice ~ a practical session linking the knowledge gained in the earlier theory sessions to practical examples and workplace activities followed by a summary of the days learning and assessment of the students ability to assess risk. It should be noted that this qualification is concerned with general rather than specific risk assessment such as manual handling or hazardous substances. Followed by a group discussion and team exercises.

Day 4 – Fire Safety and The Management of Health & Safety:

Introduction to the Regulatory Reforn (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Topics covered include the chemistry of fire and the fire triangle, fire & smoke spread and its prevention, fire detection, means of escape, fire procedures and safety checks, practical fire prevention, fire fighting equipment ~ types and use, evacuation, fire plans and fire wardens.

The final session introduces delegates to the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and HS(G) 65. It provides an insight into how to set up basic health & safety management systems in the workplace.

All Competent Persons Course materials are provided and the course fee includes refreshments and lunch. This course is run over either four consecutive days or 1 day per week for four weeks, according to delegate requirements.