Fire Safety Workplace Training

Fire is possibly one of the biggest risks to businesses in the UK, many that suffer a major fire do not recover or fail within a few months of the fire.

Fire Safety Workplace Training. A half day course that introduces delegates to fire safety in the workplace.

To help reduce the risk of fire in the workplace it is essential that your staff understand the basic concepts of fire safety, fire prevention and if required the correct and safe use of fire extinguishers.  The Fire Safety Workplace Training course coupled with an effective fire risk assessment and fire plan can reduce the risks from fire in your workplace to a minimum.

The Fire Safety Workplace Training course is delivered by our fire safety consultants both of whom have extensive experience in the fields of operational fire service duties, fire prevention and Fire Safety Workplace Training.

Fire Safety Workplace Training, Topics covered include:

  • Introduction, background and statistics
  • The chemistry of fire and the fire triangle
  • Fire & the law
  • Classification and types of fuels
  • Fire & smoke spread
  • Fire prevention & the law
  • Fire prevention practicalities
  • Fire procedures, training & fire safey checks
  • Evacuation
  • Fire extinguishers, types and uses
  • Fire safety quiz

Comprehensive notes are provided and upon successful completion of the Fire Safety Workplace Training and all delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

As an alternative we are also able to offer the Chartered Institue of Environmental Health course at an additional cost per delegate to cover CIEH registration, certificate & test paper.