Fire Wardens, Fire Safety course

A half day Fire Wardens, Fire Safety course.

A half day course that takes the Fire Safety course a few steps further by adding in the duties and role of Fire Wardens.

Many organistaions, particularly those whose staff spend some of their working day away from base, operate a system of fire wardens to enable them to check that the premises have been evacuated (or otherwise), close doors & windows, check all accessible areas to ensure people are evacuating and to assist in crowd control.

Fire wardens typically have two roles, a day to day role and a role when the fire alarm sounds.

In addition to the content of the Fire Safety course, delegates will receive training on day to day roles including:

  • General fire safety in designated area;
  • Monitoring of exit routes;
  • Fire doors and what to check for;
  • Final exit doors;
  • Extinguishers and fire points
  • Actions during scheduled alarm tests

And Fire Warden role to include:

  • Sweep procedure of designated area, what to do and where to look;
  • Checking of infrequently used areas & toliets;
  • Checking of any refuge ares in their designated area;
  • Reporting to the Fire Manager or other person in charge – what should be reported;
  • Opening doors;
  • Assistance with crowd control
  • Post alarm debriefs

Comprehensive notes are provided and upon successful completion all delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.