Principles of CoSHH Training

A half day Principles of CoSHH Training course that can be run at a time and place to suit the client.

First enacted in 1988 and updated regularly since then; The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (CoSHH) require every employer to undertake assessments of the hazardous substances in their workplace.
Hazardous substances are a relatively rare cause of workplace injury but the health effects of exposure to harmful substances can often be severe and long term, such as asthma and cancer.  This course is therefore a must for anyone who is required to use hazardous substances in the course of their work.
This half day Principles of CoSHH Training programme aims to promote an awareness of the full range of hazardous substances in the workplace rather than specific substances with particular hazardous properties, it does not replace the need for instruction and detailed training in respect of specific activities involving the use of high risk hazardous substances.
The course covers:
  • Definition and types of hazardous substances in the workplace.
  • Health effects of hazardous substances and their causes.
  • CoSHH assessments and control options.
  • Responsibilities imposed by the CoSHH Regulations.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the term ‘substances hazardous to health’ & give examples.
  • Explain how hazardous substances can cause injury & ill health and give examples.
  • State the different ways in which a hazardous substance can be identified.
  • State the principles for controlling hazardous substances and apply these in a practical context.
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of the value and purpose of CoSHH assessments and what employees can expect from such assessments.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the main provisions of the CoSHH Regulations.

At the end of the Principles of CoSHH Training course delegates will sit a short examination of 20 multiple choice questions. Those gaining the required pass mark will be awarded the CIEH Principles of CoSHH Training certificate.

All course materials, including a comprehensive workbook and notes are provided. The course fee will include CIEH fees (registration, workbook, test paper and certificate).